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That was never ever supposed to be published thanks a bunch fumblr.

Lulamation by =DarkHestur
Good god man
Lulamation by =DarkHestur

Good god man

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Is the fact that the fandom for a show about love and tolerance goes out of its way to actively raise unneeded shitstorms just for the sake of having something to fight about ironic, or just stupid?

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Yeah, and this is looking to be some issue where you get stupid people on both sides and you don’t want to touch it with a 10 foot pole.

That would normally be the case, but this is bullshit and I’ve been seeing it all day. At this point I just want someone to disagree with me so I can yell at them. This is what I am driven to.

OHhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh….. Not that I’m really for smuttish ponies, but so long as he’s not like … as bad as the guy who runs lil’ miss rarity or such, what’s the issue?

The blog isn’t even that smutty. It’s cute and funny and happens to feature a lot of pony butts.

But no, since JJ drew Celestia looking at butts he and everyone who likes his art is clearly rapist brony scum and probably also child molesters or what the fuck ever.

dogearedwitch replied to your post: dogearedwitch replied to your…

Ohhhhhhh … why’s he being bullied exactly?

Because social justice bloggers caught wind of his Molestia blog.

Huh why does that name sound familiar?

He’s one of the biggest artists in the brony fandom. And also a really nice guy.

Ohhhhhh so who’s getting bullied now?


what now?

you know that thing tumblr does where if anyone does anything tumblr doesn’t like tumblr bullies them off of tumblr